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By R JOHNSON 31 May, 2017

P – is for Packing

There’s no doubt that the process of packing up your home or office can be time-consuming, stressful and downright hard work.  At  A Smooth Move, we are the Leaders of the Pack . We offer you a range of solutions, from spending a whole day packing everything for you; or carefully wrapping just your breakables, or even providing an hourly pack (4 hour minimum) to break the back of it.  Whoever packs, you or us, we also have a great BOX LOAN SCHEME, which also includes supplying Tape and Packing paper.  Hanging wardrobes, mattress covers and suite covers are on all our vehicles as standard kit for the use of all clients.  Details of the BOX LOAN SCHEME come with your free quotation.  

After years of experience with packing, we also offer you some tips on our website, have a peek here.

P is also for Professional.  At A Smooth Move, we adhere to the highest standards of customer service, taking pride in making sure all our clients are happy with their experience of moving or storage. In the very unlikely event there is a problem on a move we are confident that you will be satisfied with how we deal with resolving it.

The last P is for Promise – our promise to you, that we will plan your move carefully with you, listening to your particular requirements and keeping it as stress-free and smooth a process as possible.  

Q – is for Questions

We know you will have a lot of queries about the move, which is why we take time to sit and go through everything with you carefully beforehand.  We suggest you make a list of everything as it occurs to you, so that we can look at every detail and reassure you before the big day that everything will be taken care of.   It’s also worth checking out the FAQs on our website

which offers a lot of tips and tricks on Removals and Storage.

Q is also for Quick – sometimes a move needs to happen fast, or space found for storage lickety-split. Always give us a call; we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Remember, at A Smooth Move and Store, our focus is giving you the best, most efficient service we can deliver – Quality!

R – is for Ric

That’s me!  Founder and, well, sort of Co-Boss (along with my wife Mary) of A Smooth Move and Storage.  I’ve been in this industry for 26 years and nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing from clients that they are happy with the service we’ve given them.  I’m proud of our team and I’m very hands on – I’ll be the one meeting with you to survey the move, establish the various details and, with the help of the office team, I’ll ensure everything is in place when it needs to be for your move.

R is also for Risk – I know I’ve said it further up in this blog, but I really want you to relax in the knowledge that your precious furniture and belongings are safe with us.  We treat every item as if it was our own and we have full Liability Cover in case of any unforeseen (and extremely rare!) issues. Bye for now.



By R JOHNSON 18 May, 2017

M - is for Moving, of course!

It’s our lifeblood, we are passionate about it and the hundreds of happy customers we’ve served over the years are testament to it.

Our message is that we take your move very seriously – we will work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is attended to, every box packed and moved with care and every possible effort  made to see you and your belongings safely and efficiently settled into your new home or office.

M is also for Mortgage.  Most people buying a new home will need one.  Make sure you go through a reputable financial advisor, as I mentioned further up, under ‘F’. Problems with mortgages can hold up a move, so make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed in plenty of time to avoid mishaps.

N - is for Normal

No, there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ move.  Every move is unique because every customer is unique. That’s why we take such care before your move to go through all the details with you, to plan for all eventualities to the best of our ability.

N is also for Notice.

With our many years of experience in the removals industry, we know how tricky it can be for chains to come together, for keys to be where they are supposed to be, for everyone to be able to move on a given date.  We will book you in provisionally for your expected move date, but we will be as flexible as we possibly can to accommodate any last minute issues that may necessitate a date change- just give us as much notice as you can.

O - is for Ornaments

If you opt for our packing service, our team will ensure that your precious items are expertly wrapped to avoid damage or breakage.  Tell us in advance about any specific items that need extra packaging and we will make sure they are well taken care of.

O is also for Oiled, as in well-oiled machine.   Our many years of experience mean we are organised and efficient, ensuring everything is in order throughout your move.  Obviously!
By R JOHNSON 25 Apr, 2017
J – is for Jason

No, that’s not an industry slang word, as in ‘doing a Jason’ or ‘packing a Jason full of belongings,’ it’s for OUR Jason, who’s been with us for over 15 years.    A genuine Cockney, as Senior Porter Jason knows a thing or two about getting furniture up and down the apples and pears or even shifting the odd Joanna (which is another J, come to think of it!).   He and the rest of the team are experts in Removals – they will take the utmost care of your belongings throughout the moving process.

J is also for Jumble Sales and Junk. Keep an eye out for Jumble Sales or Car Boot Sales in the run up to your move. The last thing you want to be doing is packing and unpacking boxes of things you really don’t need any more. You may even make a bob or two towards your moving expenses, so win/win! But if that's not your bag there are loads of local Charity shops very grateful for things to sell.

K – is for Keys

It is a great moment when you finally take possession of the keys to your new home. Slipping that key in the lock and stepping over the threshold with a huge sigh of relief....memories are made of this. Just one word of warning, even if the agent for the vendor has handed over a number of sets of keys, you never really know how many others may be out there. It is therefore generally advisable to consider changing the locks to all outer doors as soon as practically possible.

K is also for Knackered ! That’s an understatement of how you will feel if you’ve attempted a DIY move. Let the experts here at Smooth Move take the strain for you. Remember we can also pack your belongings as well as move them.

The final K is for Knocks – the kind you won’t find happening to your furniture if our team is in charge of your home or office move. We will treat your furniture as if it were our own, with the greatest of care, to ensure everything arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was collected. In the highly unlikely event of any problems, you can rest easy in the Knowledge that we are fully insured.

L - is for Labels

The simple truth is, the more organised you are upfront, the easier everything will be when it’s time to settle in to your new home or office.
We know how busy your life is, with work, family and other commitments to juggle, hence the temptation when packing for a move, to run round throwing everything into boxes just to meet the deadline.  If you can, instead, take a little extra time and list the contents of each box as you pack it and label it.  (If lists are not your forte, at the very minimum write (with an indelible marker pen on the tape you seal the boxes with) what room you want the box to go in in the new place.)  You’ll be very glad of it when you’re looking for that egg cup in the shape of an Easter bunny or the lovely pink chiffon blouse you wanted to wear to your house-warming party! Better still, let us give you a hand with the actual packing, leaving you more time to list and label to your heart’s content.

L is also for Leasehold . Quite a controversial topic lately, there’s a school of thought that says the sale of property on a leasehold basis is unfair and may cause re-sale headaches in the future.  If the lease period is short you may also be able to extend the leasehold period for a sensible amount of money, thereby increasing the value of your investment.  And, in some instances, the Freehold can be purchased at a later date.  Whatever the situation,  make sure you discuss all the options carefully with your solicitor before agreeing to purchase property on a leasehold basis.
By R JOHNSON 04 Apr, 2017
G – is for Gardens

You would be amazed how many people, in the rush to get the house all packed up, completely forget about the garden until the last minute.
To avoid 11th hour panic, as part of the upfront plan we agree with you for our Removals Service we will ask you to be aware of any garden objects, garden furniture or plants you intend to take with you to your new abode.  We will discuss with you any issues such as caring for delicate plants in detail.  We may not be up there with Alan Titchmarsh in the garden expertise stakes, but we know a bit about the greener side of life, so we will always treat your plants, garden ornaments and furniture with the utmost care.

G is also for Gas. No, not the type our lads suffer from after a full English, I’m thinking more along the lines of the kind that powers your heating and cooking.  You will need to take meter readings for both the Gas and the Electricity supplies, in the location you are leaving as well as the one to which you are moving, to ensure you are billed correctly.  Most utility companies now allow you to notify a change of address online, but you can also contact them by telephone.

H – is for Home

It’s where the heart is, it’s sweet, it’s all about comfort and it’s very important to you.  We keep this in mind at all times and make every possible effort to ensure your move into a new home is as hassle free as possible.
For example, we encourage you to think about your first night in a new home – which items will you need to hand in order to have a night’s sleep, to make a cuppa that night or in the morning, to be able to have a wash?  Make sure you know exactly which boxes contain the essentials and tell us – we’ll make sure they are easily identifiable for you from the moment you open the door to your new abode.

H is also for Home Improvements.  If you are having significant work done to your home and need somewhere to temporarily store some belongings, we can help.  We can move them for you and store them at our facility in Neston, offering you peace of mind with the knowledge your goods are safe while the heavy work goes on.

I – is for Insurance

In our business it’s now called Liability Cover and it comes as standard with your Removals contract with us (subject to the Terms and Conditions).  It covers your belongings in transit. We also have  Public Liability - protecting the fabric of your property during the move.  If you are storing with us, there is an extra cost for Liability Cover, which we can arrange if your own insurance doesn’t cover it.

I is also for Internet . These days we all pretty much rely on it, so remember that as well as contacting the power companies, you’ll need to notify your internet service provider that you are moving and make sure you’re connected back up at the other end.  I mean, how long can you go on without watching those funny cat videos on YouTube????

By R JOHNSON 23 Mar, 2017
D – is for Deposit

Put very simply, the deposit is a sum of money you may be required to pay to secure a deal on a

property. That might be an amount required by a mortgage lender, or if you are buying outright, it

might be the amount the seller requires to be lodged on exchange of contracts. Your solicitor should

advise you on when (or whether) you need to pay a deposit, depending on the finance model you

are using to purchase your new property.

D is also for Depot, and boy do we have a big one! Here at Smooth Store, we have 750 sq metres

of top quality storage space. So if there is a delay in your move and you need somewhere to temporarily store

your belongings, we can help. Or, you may need a longer term solution, either way, ask us for the

other D – Details.

E – is for Exchange

It’s also for Exciting, because this is the moment when things really do get moving. All the wrangling,

paperwork, tears of joy and frustration all come to a head on Exchange day.

The exchange of contracts sounds so simple, but it is generally far from it, particularly when there

are several transactions in a chain. Exchange has to be as close to simultaneous as possible, all the

way up and down the chain.

The good news is, you will finally feel able to Exhale, as once the contracts are exchanged, all parties

are committed to the sales and purchases in the chain.

F – is for Financial Advisor

If you are buying your new property with a mortgage, it is a good idea to ensure you get the right

advice and assistance. Generally, it is advisable to go for an Independent Financial Advisor – being

independent means they are not restricted to a range of financial products from a limited number of


The golden rule though is to make sure they are authorised. If they are, you will find them on the

FCA website, here: register

F is also for Fixtures & Fittings. On the run up to Exchange, if you are selling you will be required to

fill out a form making it absolutely clear what you intend to take with you and what you will leave

behind. If you’re buying, you’ll need to check the list supplied by your vendor to ensure you are

comfortable with their intentions.

If you agreed to buy the house because of that lovely water feature in the shape of the Taj Mahal,

you’ll want to be absolutely sure it’s included!

Finally, F is for Facebook. Follow our page, here:
By R JOHNSON 08 Mar, 2017

It is a universally acknowledged truth that moving home, or even office, can be at the top of the ‘Stress List’ for most people,  right up there with relationship breakdowns and bereavement.

But does it have to be that way?  Here at Smooth Move we will do everything we can to minimise the stress, to make your experience of moving manageable and successful.
Let us carry you calmly over the threshold of your next home or office, with our indispensible A-Z guide to moving.

A – is for Anxious!

OK, so we’ve just said we’re here to reduce your stress and the first thing we do is talk about anxiety. You will have anxieties about the moving process, it’s completely natural, but when you are in safe hands, those anxieties can melt away.

Our team of highly professional, experienced removal staff,  packers and reception staff can handle every detail of every move: domestic or commercial, large or small, near or far.  Your move will be fully assessed from the beginning, so that your precious belongings are properly looked after and any potential hiccups ironed out before the big day.
You can also be confident, through our comprehensive Liability Insurance, that in the highly unlikely event of an unforeseen mishap, we’ve got you covered! The Terms and Conditions are included in all our quotations and just ask if you have any queries.

B – is for Buildings Insurance

You will need to have Buildings Insurance in place for the date on which you exchange contracts. This is to protect you and any mortgage lender, should anything happen to the property you are purchasing between exchange and completion.  During that period, the seller’s buildings insurance will not cover you for such things as fire or flood.
Your solicitor can advise you further, but Buildings Insurance is usually straightforward to secure and will give you, and your lenders, peace of mind.

C – is for Completion

As anyone who has ever bought or sold a property knows, ‘Completion’ is a magical word.  It draws a firm line under what can have been weeks or months of uncertainty, particularly if you have been involved in a lengthy chain of properties.
For us, Completion Day means we can swing into action, putting into practice the detailed plan for your move that we have outlined in our quotation to you.
We think it’s fair to say that C is also for Champagne, as you will no doubt want to celebrate that precious moment when you can finally call a property your own.

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