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Packing box loan for domestic and commercial moves

Do you require boxes and cartons to pack your belongings? A Smooth Move & Store offers packing box loans at affordable prices.
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We can supply all the packing materials you require for your move. Whether you are moving home or relocating your business, you can count on us to provide you with different sized boxes for all your belongings. In addition to boxes, we also supply packing paper, hanging wardrobes, brown packing tape and mattress covers. An average move receives 2 large packs of paper, 4 tapes, 30 to 50 boxes and the free use of wardrobe boxes on the day. We take a deposit for the packing materials and refund the deposit (minus a £10.00 consumables fee) when you return the boxes. We allow clients to keep the boxes for up to 4 weeks for free. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all your packing material requirements.
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Packing tips for a breakage free move

Make your move easy with our packing tips:
    • Have at least 2 different box sizes, large general purpose boxes and small boxes
    • Work comfortably, possibly seated at a table. It is often better to take items to the table than try to pack them where they are. You can strain yourself if you persist in packing in an uncomfortable position
    • Try and have the box you are packing into at a suitable, close position to where you are packing
    • Securely tape the base of the box, and when finished, the top too. No point packing things carefully if they then just drop straight out of the bottom of the box
    • Use sufficient packing paper
    • Make a base in the box with crumpled paper
    • Pack the heaviest items first
    • Label boxes for easy reference 
    • Keep boxes with fragile items separately
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