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If you are looking for a company that offers affordable domestic and commercial removal services in the Wirral area, you have come to the right place. We take pride in providing you with a comprehensive range of services for a successful move including storage and packing. Give us a call today to arrange a free quote and consultation. You can also read through our FAQs for more information on our services.

Frequently asked questions

When you choose A Smooth Move & Store for your home or office move, we will arrange for our assessor to visit your home for a removals survey. You can provide our assessor with all the details about your move to help us plan your move. A few common questions we'll ask you include:

Where are you moving to?
Most local moves take one day, although larger moves may take two or more days.

Can a good-sized lorry get to within a reasonable distance of your new property?
If road access to your new home is likely to be difficult then you need to let us know. We may need to use smaller vehicles or decant from a large vehicle to a small vehicle.

Are there any parking restrictions outside either of the properties? Is internal access in the new home OK?
Our assessor will see the access facility to your current home but needs to be informed about potential problems at the new home. Things to look out for are spiral staircases, low ceilings on stairways, and tight turns on entrances. Usually these do not pose a great problem as most furniture is designed to fit into the standard house. If you have any extra large pieces then it will be worth researching the access in more detail. Depending on the agreement on dismantling, if you do have a problem getting items in, they may need to be put in the garage or elsewhere for you to dismantle at your leisure. Dismantling and reassembly of straightforward items such as beds is done automatically by our porters. The arrangement with regard to complicated dismantling of items will have to be made before the removal.

Are you in a chain with the purchasers moving in on the same day?
It is normal for the purchasers to want to move in, in the afternoon of completion day. It is, after all, their house! If your situation is different, then it is very useful for us to know and it may reduce your move price a little.
Do you require a packing service?
This is a real treat and pretty sensibly priced. We do this by arrangement with the client but it is usually the day before the main removal (or on Saturday for a Monday move). There are two types of pack:
Full pack - we pack everything, all we ask is any specialist disconnections are arranged by you with your electrician or plumber.
Breakables pack - we pack any breakables and all of the kitchen items.
We also offer hourly rate packing.

Do you require boxes?
No problem! We can supply all boxes, packing paper and tape on full sized moves as part of the service. Any charges are nominal and just cover wear and tear on boxes and admin or bank charges. We simply take a deposit, the majority of which is returned to you when you return the boxes to us. On smaller moves, there may be reasonable extra charges if we supply boxes. These optional extras will always be clearly detailed. You can purchase other special supplies like bubble wrap and paper blankets at fair prices.

Will you require storage?
We offer superb storage at very reasonable rates in a secure warehouse. 

Are you taking carpets?
Most people do not take carpets. However we are happy to lift and roll them once the furniture is removed. If you plan to have them laid professionally on completion day, you may be liable for any extra staff time used if this causes delays while unloading.

Do you have any special requests regarding the move (for example: a collection from another to be considered?)
We are very amenable to special requests, though obviously they may have a bearing on the cost of the move.

Our assessor will then assess each room’s contents including wardrobes, cupboards, cellars and attics.
You will be advised on how we deal with:

General small items - the rule is, if it will fit in a box, it needs to go in a box. We supply as many boxes as you need on a returnable deposit basis, as well as free packing paper and tape. Special extras we supply at sensible rates are bubble wrap, wine boxes etc.

Televisions and computers - nothing beats the original boxes for this type of electrical equipment. But if these are not available, then our standard boxes will hold the typical monitor and processor unit. Please disconnect the wires before packing. We will blanket wrap televisions and extra care is taken with plasma screens.

Beds - we normally dismantle and reassemble these as part of the service unless they are of special construction.

Freezers - ideally these should be defrosted and empty. We are willing to move all but the very large ones, full, although we then do not accept liability in the event of any damage to them.

Wardrobes - we can offer a dismantling and reassembly service on wardrobes of normal construction. Additional charges are related to the likely time this extra work will take.

Hanging clothes - we bring hanging garment boxes for you to loan on the day of your move. These are mini wardrobes and transport your hanging clothes without creasing them. If you are dismantling wardrobes, we will deliver some sooner and will leave them with you on the day of the move for a short period of time. (Small extra charges may apply for this service).

Contents of chests of drawers - remove breakables and spillable items and these can be moved with light goods if they are strong enough.

Flammables - we absolutely do not carry or store any petrol, Calor gas or any similar highly flammables.

Liquids - whilst we will move any non-noxious liquids that are sensibly packaged, they are not insured should the liquid spill and cause any damage.

Attics - we cannot work in attic areas unless they have safe stairs or ladders, are fully boarded out and are not excessively dusty.

Plants and outside items - these are not usually a problem as long as the assessor is made aware of them during the visit. We will ensure we supply suitable vehicles with sufficient capacity on move day to accommodate the plants. Insurance cover is limited on plants so if they are of special importance to you, do let us know and we will make sure they are carefully transported. 
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