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Welcome to Wirral and Chester's Removals and Storage Specialists

.... great staff ...range of specialist removals and storage vehicles .... over 25 years experience .... new purpose-built storage warehouse .... and, perhaps most important of all, a caring attitude.

...... so it really is a smart move choosing A SMOOTH MOVE!

Quite simply, A Smooth Move and Store supplies Wirral and Chester Movers with everything they need for a successful removals or storage experience.

The Staff .... more here

The Vehicles .... more here

The Packing Materials .... here

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and all at SENSIBLE prices

GETTING A QUOTE is easy. Either fill in our ONLINE QUOTE FORM or phone us and we will send an experienced assessor to see you, without obligation (we cover Wirral and Chester regions). We will then send you a comprehensive free storage and/or removals quotation by email or post.


Looking for a more DIY type of move, either locally on The Wirral or even Nationally? Need to keep those moving costs down? We also do a low cost man and van service and have an extensive self storage facility at Neston offering probably the best Wirral Storage available. Just call us for more details.


We now operate a small administration office at Heswall, Wirral but the main office servicing our removals and storage for Wirral and Chester is at our new Warehouse (2011) in Neston, Cheshire. This facility truly offers wirral storage at its very best! And a fantastic base for wirral house removals too!

We can now easily cover both the Wirral and Chester areas from these locations. Charges for almost all areas are very similar. Some of the out lying areas around Chester (such as Tarporley, Kelsall, Beeston, Tattenhall, Churton-by-Aldford etc) might be a tad dearer but we always aim to be keen and competitive.

The self storage side of the new Warehouse, called Smooth Store, is developing well. We currently offer 20 foot steel container units and the small standard removals containers. There are plans afoot to offer alternative unit sizes soon. For long-term self storage we have some especially excellent deals. Please phone for details and see if we are still offering free van hire! (conditions apply. The office will give you details. Please phone before calling just to ensure the Warehouse have someone there. Just occassionaly we need to close if all staff are required on removal or packing jobs.

Why not call into Neston when you are down here. It has an Aldi and a Sainsburys store, with plenty of free parking. The local shops include a specialist shoe shop, a great gift shop and the usual other stores. And don't forget to visit Parkgate on the way out. Nicholls Ice Cream is unbeatable and very reasonably priced and the Fish and Chips on the front is always freshly fried andreally tasty!









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NEWS and Views.

(This section will be updated from the new year)

Friday 21st November 2014

Not a great day for a house move with constant drizzle but the show must go on! Carpets are covered against the rain, of course. Today we have 3 moves. We have a local Hoylake Removal by 3 staff, a small move off the Wirral to Selby by 2 staff and another small move from Pensby to Chester. So its a busy day! We are taking one container into storage from the Hoylake job as they have downsized and need to store items for a while.

Friday February 14th 2014

Hope you had a great Valentines Day! and if you didn't I hope the next one is better.

Here at Smooth Move and Store we are ticking over quite nicely. The first few months of most years are often a bit uncertain seems to take while for the momentum in the housing market to build up after the Christmas Break, which isn't too surprising really. Storage has some space available but is still pretty full for this time of year. The new Self Storage site at Prenton is progressing slowly, as the weather has been pretty atrocious. Any queries about the new Trade Storage facility at the North Cheshire Trading Estate jsut call us on 0151 342 2222. Bye for now!

Oh, we have upgraded our CCTV system at the Warehouse, so we now have 2 Redcare monitored systems (CCTV and Alarm). This was always our plan but we needed the (pretty substantial) funds to have HGvess, our local, excellent Alarm specialists fit a really good a professional system. They have done a great job, as usual!

Sunday 24th November 2013

I've been a bit quiet recently...its just been so busy and lots of my time has been spent doing quotations. Turnover in October was 50% up on an average month and our storage has been incredibly popular. We've done moves to Kent and Northampton recently. The former was done with our client not on site, as we had verified what was going at the time of the quotation visit. That saved Mrs B... an expensive and time consuming trip upto the Wirral to supervise. We got it 99.5% right and the cupboard the lads accidentally left was removed the next day. it'd be boring if we were perfect. The week ahead is very busy again anbsd

Wednesday 1/8/2013

It's great to see houses selling! Hope it lasts! Certainly keeping our staff busing moving and storing folk on the Wirral and Chester areas.

Our new site at Prenton is coming along well. It has been tidied up and flattened. We used Dig and Shift for the groundworks. They are so straightforward to deal with. Good commonseense company, just like us. Great job guys, thanks!

Sunday 23/6/2013

Great News! We will be opening our second storage facility up at Prenton in 3 to 6 months time. This development will be self-store, and will also be targetted at commercial and trades users, as well as our usual domestic clients. If you need storage in the Prenton area (just near Junction 3 of the M53) please call our office and ask for Ric Johnson.

Our Neston storage facility has been very, very busy. We have not turned any clients away yet and hopefully won't have to, as we expect some removals out of storage to happen in the next week.

Wednesday 12/6/2013

A bit of a grueller of a move for the lads today. 5 staff and 2 pantechnicons on a one day removal from Broughton, Chester to Hollywell. Completing on the day, this was always going to be a big one. Perhaps I should have arranged to load one Pantechnicon yesterday to reduce todays loading time? But the job got done and the clients were very happy. Some days are just always going to be gruellers...that's the name of the game!!

Monday 10/6/2013

A quiet start to a busy week. Graham was on a pack today for one of tomorrows moves. And Pete and Dave just had a half day move for a local Doctor, followed by some box collections and deliveries. Andrea reported the phone and warehouse was very busy, with continued requests for storage.

Saturday 8/6/2013

We took in 2 containers today from Heswall. The young lady was moving back to stay with here mother for a while. She might have needed 3 containers, as she was thinking of storing some old beds. We discussed the pros and cons and she decided it was better to get rid of them as she might be storing long term, and could probably buy new beds with the saved storage money. We also moved a few items over to here mums for her.

Another storage client visited our Warehouse to access there containers to try and reduce the number they have stored. They didnt succeed today but said they will be able to do it on the next visit.

Friday 7/6/2013

Another "Storage In" day today, with 2 different clients requiring storage for different reasons. Mr G*** is preparing for his downsize removal and decluttering the excess items from his home. He should have been moving lock stock and barrel today, but unfortunatelly something went wrong in the chain and that part of his move is delayed. Miss K*** is moving to the Wirral from Manchester (smart move!) and needs a few weeks storage until her accommodation here is ready. Storing is a very popular option nowerdays and doesnt cost the earth at Smooth Store, honest!

Thursday 6/6/2013

Quite a busy day, with a 2 man and a 3 man move. One was from Neston to Heswall. The other was a storage job. We containerised 6 storage containers from near Raby and brought them into our Neston Warehouse. Storage is incredibly in demand at the moment, and we are looking at buying even more containers for the Warehouse. But although it is 8000 square feet we really only have enough space left for about 20 maximum. What a nice problem to have!

Wednesday 5/6/2013

A quieter day today, with Rees and Jason packing a client in Neston. No removals on the Wirral today from A Smooth Move! That's how it is in this business, very up and down, especially this year.

Anyway, packing is a nice option, especially for certain clients. Packs are not really expensive but obviously add to the cost. A typical one day pack is £150 to £200.00 plus vat. If you are fit and healthy and have some spare money to spend its a great service! Frequently it is used where it is more necessary. Todays client has MS and packing, even with the help of a supportive family, is something she would prefer not to worry about. Often older people like us to pack.... and pregant women are also frequent packing clients.

Tuesday 4/6/2013

Bringing in more storage today. Our Client, Mrs W*** of Spital, is looking to downsize but has been unable to tie in the sale of here current bungalow with a suitable purchase. So to keep the sale she is going into rented property whilst she looks for a new smaller home. She needed 4 of our standard containers and we had here moved into storage in about 5 hours. A three bedroomed bungalow of the size she sold is typically 4 or 5 containers. But we are all different and some people might have every cupboard, attic, shed rammed and need 7 containers. Or alternatively some clients are very minimalist and occassionally might just require 2 or 3. Obviously it is a good time to get rid of items you don't really want when going into storage. Big bulky items especially! This is especially relevant if you require longer term storage.

Thursday 30/5/2013

Three moves today. A small one in our Box Van from our storage facility to Leeds. Our client wants a few items delivering to his apartment on the 11th floor and a few items returning to storage. There was a trade lift but the large sofa would not go in our brave porters took it up 11 flights of stairs! Surely "Above and Beyond!"

Our second move was a great older lady moving from a semi to a local neston flat. She needs an easier living environment as here house is far too big for her now.

And the last crew have taken in 3 storage containers from a client in Hoylake, one container from Prenton and one container from Neston. They are using our special storage pantechnicon, which you can see here.

Wednesday 29/5/2013

Almost at the end of May... unbelievable. And we are still having to cover things from the rain and cover carpets! Todays move was a large one from West Kirby to Hoylake. We supplied 5 staff and 2 vehicles and had already packed on Tuesday. Luckily the clients were straight into the new house, as they were moving from rented to a place they had bought, with some overlap. They won't miss the £2000 per month rental, thats for sure!

Tuesday 28/5/2013

This is a busy week, with 2 or even 3 removals a day. Today we moved a splendid old Chap to Burscough, so he could be nearer to his family. And we moved a Chester Estate Agent within the Chester area. Feedback from both moves was very positive, so we expect to continue increasing our presence in the chester area over the coming year. We have quite a bit of storage coming in this week, with a few containers going out.


Feet up for everyone today! We don't work Sundays, unless it is part of a very large move that needs to run over a weekend, or, very occassionaly, a large office move (businesses on the move often require weekend moves, so as to reduce the downtime.)

Went to Cammel Lairds (open for the first time in 50 years, I believe) and queued for a couple of hours to have a tour of HMS Edinburgh, a class 42 destroyer, which is about to be decommisioned. It was a very interesting day. Whilst queueing, Mary (my wife) and I saw 3 tugs deftly manoevering a floating pontoon into the Camell Lairds dock area from the river. This was done just before high tide and very soon afterwards a sliding lock sealed the entrance of the "harbour" to keep the water in the dock area. There was already 2 pontoons in the dock and we saw a welder doing something to one of them.

After this we had a pleasant snack at The Tudor Rose Tearooms in Port Sunlight (opposite the Railway Station) and then went over to Liverpool to see the Ships that had come to the City for the Battle of The Atlantic celebrations. There was a great atmosphere around and it was perfect weather to potter along the Riverfront walk. Many russian sailors were on shore....lots of them returning to the Ship with shopping. A group of chattering asians delighted them by requesting a photograph with them. Lots of laughter! A lovely day!

Saturday 25/5/2013

We just have one removals crew out on Saturdays. Today we move Mr R****son from Prenton to Chirk. We started the day at our Neston Warehouse, where we loaded one container he had self delivered to us a few months ago and then ran over to Prenton to get the remainder of his items. The move went well and Jason, Peter and Dave (our 3 removals porters today) were back at our Prenton Yard by about 3.30pm.

At the Warehouse we had delivery of one storage containers worth by a local man and van setup. M***n, the owner, uses us as his storage facility, as he knows we are the best storage about!

Friday 24/05/2013

Took some archive storage in today, mainly books. We have four 20 foot steel containers in the warehouse that provide great walk in rooms for clients who require such storage. We have plans to expand this section, so please enquire. In the afternoon we delivered 4 storage containers out to a client. These had been brought to our Warehouse by a large International remover, and we did the local domestic storage for them and final delivery out to their new Wirral home. They decided to return some items to storage, as the place they have is smaller than their previous home. Our storage rates are amazingly good and the Warehouse is fantastic. If you are considering storage then feel free to pop-in and see us.

Our second removal crew carried out a medium-sized 2 man move from West Kirby to Hoylake. The funds transfer went through OK and they were finished for about 5.00pm. Happy customers, as always! See testimonials here.


Thursday 23/05/2013

We carried out 2 moves today, one a local one out of our storage facility at Neston, the other a move from Neston to Corwen. Access was poor on this later move so we took along a van to decant into. That saved the lads from having to walk 50 yards with everything.

Since moving to Neston 2 years ago we have increased moves and storage in the area tremendously. So, NESTON, a very big thank you!

We also had 2 clients bring their own storage into the warehouse. It's really easy here as our self-storage units are brought right to the rear of your delivery vehicle, so no long walks involved. Self delivery is a nice cheap way to do it! It can be a bit gruelling moving yourself but quite satisfying when you have finished. We offer a variety of options to move your possessions, if you prefer the easy way by using us. Right from Man and Van to the full moving and storage service, plus a packing option too!






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